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  • A Vase For Persephone's Soul

    A Vase For Persephone's Soul

    Persephone is the Daughter of Zeus and Demeter. She once was the lovely and naive goddess of Springtime as well as a treasure in the eyes of Hades (Pluto), the ruler of the Underworld. Hades decided to take Persephone against her will to live with him in his Underworld. She then assumed her role as Queen of the Underworld. After much pleading with Hades, Persephone was granted her wish to visit her family, but only once a year thereafter. This yearly visit is now recognized as the season of Spring.

    Many of us may relate to the myth of Persephone. Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in a situation we have no control over. This does not mean we change. This only means we make the best of it. We fill our hearts full of what we know, what we miss, what we find refuge in. We try to embrace the rearrangement of our lives.

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  • ....So she just sat there with her socks on.
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  • She Kept A Promised Space.
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  • Kiss This.
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  • Trust With Honesty. She Has Prosperity's Secrets.
    "Trust With Honesty. She Has Prosperity's Secrets." is my interpretation of the marriage of Society. In creating this work, I was collectively inspired by the "Wedding Portrait", painted by Jan Van Eyck in 1434, and of course, the present world We have all come to know within our American culture.

    Standing in the midst a junkyard of metaphors are the figures I have characterized to represent Trust and Honesty. Trust stands tall in affirmation that only through his gift of trust will Honesty set her guidance free. The couple turn away from the calamities of our culture; the Compulsion, the Waste, the Greed, the Hate, Misguidance and Miscommunication. The couple look into the Present and Future to rebirth and cultivate new generations of Prosperity for a nation so desperately in need of Salvation.

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  • Liberation Is Wanting Her Rest.
  • A Comet's Muse
  • Lub Hurts.
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  • Doubt Of The Flow

    Doubt Of The Flow; When Many Cast Out The Exquisite To Troll For A Fatter Fish.

    Nagare no untage is Japanese for doubt of the flow.

    Within the heart of human nature there is a a constant struggle for success in the day to day of modern life. More often than not, it is our conditioned response to keep looking for something better, something more than what we already have or know. It is common for individuals to feel inadequate and concerned with not what they have, but with what someone else has. When we allow this to become the focus of our goals we raise an artificial and superficial bar to define success. We are all the same. We are all human. We all make mistakes. When we keep trying to attain perfection (an unrealistic happiness that is usually risked by our need to control our surroundings and protect our insecurities from observation and confrontation) we are fishing.

    There will be a fatter fish. There will be a fish more beautiful. There will be a fish more intelligent and there will also be those fish you just cannot catch.

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  • I Want To Explode.
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  • Eve
    Eve is the first painting in a series of 'Women as Woman'. The deadline and destination for these new paintings I don't know yet. I do know, however, that the progress of these works of historical, mythological and modern women will connect their audience to understand the complexities of the female psyche. At least, this is my hope. And personally, these women are all a reflection of my discoveries as a woman....

    As a smart an opinionated a defiant a caring a guarded an expressive a giving a loved a hurting a resilient woman.
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  • Emotional Baggage
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  • Don't Let Me Down. - sold
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  • Protectress

    Protectress Inscription

    "It's much easier to be guarded. There are no expectations of me because there is no sureness of me. I wish for once, I'd let this shield fly into the wind to somersault my fears of what may happen and what may never be; Fling open my desires and return with the glimpse of the sun's light, the sureness of my neverending hope that will one day mystify my prey. Beyond this barrier of strength heaves a need to be understood and recognized for all the love I have given you."

    © K. Hyde

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  • Warm Shelter

    Warm Shelter Inscription

    "In this space I beg for your attention. I can see you staring, but cannot seem to find the shadow of your stare. The shadow never lies. Shadows are real illusions. Why is my shadow so scary for you? Too Dark? Too Thick? Wanting to absorb too much of the light you are trying to save for other things? Why not wrap yourself up in my shadow? It will keep you warm and safe from the cold, cold world. I know this because your shadow once kept me warm and safe."

    © K. Hyde

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  • For A Moment, She Almost Lost Herself.
  • Centered
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